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So let me help you to get your hands on these bottles of Plant Magic!

Firstly the best way to buy is through a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT it's the cheapest route & will give you 25% off the Retail Price, there is no minimum spend & you can purchase a ready made kit which has been beautifully created for you to get going or you can create your own with the oils you choose!

A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT is £24.00 for the first year but if you purchase a ready made kit the £24.00 is included. After that the amount is £18 per year & you receive a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint each time! 

There are 2 Kits that I can recommend to you - Please click on the Kit Pictures below, this will give you the Information on each one, there is a LINK to click on, this will guide you to my doTERRA WEBSITE, on there click on SHOP & then on INTERESTED IN BECOMING A WHOLESALE CUSTOMER you can fill in the form & shop away!!!

These are Natural Medicine's for your SOUL

ENJOY every drop 



Below is a selection of DoTERRA KITS, by clicking on them you'll see what the kit includes, you are then able to purchase the kit along with a Wholesale Account which give's you a discount on any future purchases

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