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Below are the magical experience's I can offer to you


Take Your Senses On A Journey

Essential Oils have a profound effect on the Body & Mind, nourishing the cells & working in harmony with the body's rhythm creating homeostasis

* ESCAPE TO TRANQUILITY - A blend of oils is mixed intuitively & aromatically draped along the spine & gently massaged moving through the hair inviting the nervous system to journey a sense of calmness, this treatment is 45 minutes long - when completed you will be cocooned in a warm cover & left in the state of relaxation whilst the oils go to work, gentle sound is then used to drift your mind into a deeper state of relaxation - the blend of Oil will be a take home gift to use as suggested


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Balancing the Energy  & Chakra's

Using my Crystal Pendulum & Intuition I navigate my way through your Energy Centre's, our Energy Centre's also known as Chakra's can sometimes be thrown out of whack through everyday life, that's not hard hey!! By inviting the beautiful energy of Reiki it's possible to enhance the chakra's & balance the energy = Automatically the button to our monkey mind is pushed on to pause, feet are placed firmly back on the ground & we reconnect, it's like the whole body is shifted from dizzy to GROUNDED, RE-ROOTED & CALM - this treatment is accompanied by gentle Sound & the Aroma of Essential Oils

30 Minutes - £30.00

60 Minutes - £50.00

Reiki Treatment


Weaving Magic Through The Body & Mind With Breath Work

A One Hour - One to One Workshop on the benefits of Breathing correctly & using Essential Oils to support & expand the lungs, quieten the mind to create a mellow mood which in turn puts the body into a calm state these are tools for you to tuck in your Life Skills Bag  


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Hello, I'm so glad your here!

This is a One Hour Space for YOU!

A chance to offload your blocks & health concerns, we will create a Wellbeing Plan using Natural Tools

Introducing Essential Oils & Breathwork into your life will be Life Changing, natural tools that you can use daily inviting a more balanced body & mind

1 Hour Consultation - £50.00 including samples of Oil & tools for life! You'll receive a written plan  - This can be done face to face or over a Zoom 

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Bringing The Body Into Balance

This treatment focuses on specific health issue's whether major or minor. Using a synergy of Essential Oils to support & balance homeostasis within the body & mind - Starting with a Consultation followed on by on Application of Essential Oils applied down the spine & gently massaged into the skin, then by awakening the senses through Essential Oil Inhalation. This treatment is generally advised as a course to encourage healing with consistency

Consultation & One Treatment, An hour & a half - £65.00

Further treatments - 45 minutes - £40.00

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Head Massage

Indian Head Massage with Essential Oils

This is a BEAUTIFUL Treatment, inviting you to soften your tension along with your thoughts & be carried on a journey of pure relaxation, setting free any discomfort that surrounds the upper back, neck & head.

Using a blend of Essential Oils that are carefully blended for YOU, massaging this upper part of the body is clearing, releasing & soothing 


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Liz Cattermole
8 Bridge End Lane, Great Notley, Braintree, Essex CM77 7GN

Call:- 07808836755

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