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Thankyou for being here!

Just a little intro into me, I'm Liz, I'm married with 3 beautiful children, I feel grateful for my family every day, I have a very big passion for life & believe you are the greatest project you'll ever work on.

I wanted to create a space to share all that I know, to nurture & offer out some truly Beautiful Gifts.

Like most I’ve navigated the high way of life, when I was young I struggled with Anxiety & Panic Attacks, they were debilitating & frustrating, sometimes I felt that I'd never be set free BUT with time, they dissolved & disappeared something I never thought would happen, I’ve been through a divorce & my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 17, life can be challenging but I believe with love & the gift of natural tools you can survive & be ok, you absolutely can!

I love the connection to nature, to what's more natural & what's gifted to us by Mother Earth, it plays so many parts in our healing, she has slowly put me on a journey of discovery, daily I inhale my Essential Oils & anoint my skin using Reiki & Breath Work to support my body & keep me on a smooth path, these are my magical

Supports, my Gifts, my Inspiration .......

Life takes us on a voyage, to discover who we are & what our purpose is on this earth, a path that's meant for us, to be who we are meant to be, I've always been shown a Holistic pathway, when I was younger I was fascinated by Rose petals then I was intrigued by Homeopathy & Hypnotherapy, as I walked my path I found myself embracing the benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Sound, the incredible energy that Reiki can create, how the body & mind can be so very supported by Essential Oil's & the true effects of Breathing, something so many people don't think about, it's an involuntary gift given that's so natural, like the beating of our heart. Connecting in with breath patterns will amaze you, so many of us spend a lot of time chest breathing & being in the Sympathetic state, Fight or Flight mode, breathing correctly can have powerful effects are on our precious bodies, expanding the lungs massages our organs & serve our cells with oxygen, boosting our immune systems & energizing our whole being keeping us in a Parasympathetic state of Rest & Digest

bring homeostasis to our body.

So here within my website, I share with you all that I feel, have learned & know to be true

I hope that you find inspiration here & it ignites your own healing journey to start or continue 

There is no rush just small acts of curiosity, opening your mind up to trying different wellness tools 

Liz  XxX

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