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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I was attuned to Reiki 6 years ago, I was drawn to it after chatting to a friend who was a Reiki Master herself, she also attuned me to a Reiki Master, I practise balancing energy every day on myself & other's, it blows me away every time on the power

Reiki works on balancing the energy in one's body, we have seven main energy centre's within our body, we can't see them but they are there, known as the chakra's, each chakra is related to a colour & a feeling, I always say you can feel your throat chakra when you cry & are lost for words, it's that tightening in the throat or for me I can always feel my Sacral chakra if I witness someone hurt them self, it just makes my lower stomach wince! Reiki is given to create a balance the body & mind it's carried out through a none contact treatment, where the hands hover over the body, it's beautifully relaxing, you may experience feelings such as warmth or a tingling sensation, Reiki can continue to work for many days after the initial treatment

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