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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We are born with a free breath but through life our breath patterns change, quite often we shallow breath & don't use the full capacity of our lungs

Different moods can change the breath, Anger creates a shorter faster breath, an agitated mind manifests in the breath which then brings changes in the body, rapid heart beat, heightened stress & can manifest disease

Our breath brings oxygen for fuel, when we don't breath correctly it depletes our body of energy so we lack nourishment

When we breath through the nostrils, the nasal hairs act as mini filters, using different breathing techniques such as alternate nostril breathing, breathing through the left nostril at one time or the right can have a positive effect on the body, calming, stimulating & supporting the Immune system

When we inhale Essential Oils they can also have a balancing effect on the body bringing it back to homeostasis, combining the breath with oils is a perfect synergy, calming or uplifting the body & mind

When we breath deeply into the belly expanding the diaphragm the muscles are like a bellow, pushing & pulling air in & out the lungs by this we switch on the parasympathetic nerve, this stimulates & massages the viscera abdominal organs, stomach / intestine / liver /pancreas / spleen / kidneys / adrenal glands & bladder


Long term stress can wreck the nervous system through consistent adrenaline rush, putting the body in fight or flight, we then produce too much cortisol which is a stress hormone putting a strain on our immune system, aging us, reducing brain tissue & concentration problems

Pranayama - Breath Control

Taking the breath beyond it's normal limits, stretching it, slowing it down in order to change the brain rhythms, heartbeat, muscle tension, mental & emotional rhythms, hormonal, sleep & wakeful patterns - control of the breath has a calming effect on the body & mind - Deep breathing releases endorphin helping us to cope better with pain, anxiety & fear

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